Tokyo Stock Exchange announced the finance department Monbetsu buying and selling situation of the stock certificate on May, 1st through May, 2nd, 2012 (the first week of May) on the 11th of May, 2012. The purchase aggregate amount became 1,382,329,061,000 yen, and became the sales passing of the balance 48,323,121,000 yen though was 1,430,652,182,000 yen according to it the aggregate amount that foreign investors sold the share this week. This becomes the sales passing of serial continuing since last week for three weeks. Corporation..long position..Shio..continue..individual..long position..Shio..continuation..securities firm..long position..Shio..continue.

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The stock price of the Internet enterprise named Mixi of GREE such as cyber agents of Kakaku com that has managed "Tabe log" and "Amiba blog" and the online gamings, DeNA, and social network service (SNS) falls sharply.

It is expected that there will be "Stema" that has gotten into the news "Prearranged performances" exposure with the net since the new year and a Stealth marketing in the backdrop.
Because the stock market has been pulled in 2011, the influence on the entire marketplace is feared because foreign investors are mainly thought to be "Growth stock" as for the net brand.

- Crash after it comes to light "Prearranged performances"

It came to light "By word of mouth" site "Tabe log" of the eating house that Kakaku com managed, and there was a case where popularity ranking was operated in "Prearranged performances trader" that contributed word of mouth, that is, friendly to the eating house, and pushed up the ranking to the epistatic in the deliberation on January 4 of the new year 2012. The influence power is large because there are a lot of 32 million people or more (at the time of of November, '11) and user of the number of users during the month of the Tabe log, too. If the user cannot pass a fair judgment by "Impression management" by prearranged performances, it is feared that the credit worthiness of the site and earning power fall. This is shape to affect the stock price.

The stock price of 2850 yen Kakaku com that was on January 4 is 2769 yen on the fifth the next day, and the downfall in 2624 yen on the sixth. 4.4% downfall lingua compared with the fourth though the closing price on the 11th was 2725 yen of 104 proportion strong yens the day before. On the other hand, Iu "Stema" and the Stealth marketing are the Pulmonary regurgitation methods that the advertising agency was using in the United States etc. as for hiding by concealing and pretending own true colors and doing the advertisement and the Pulmonary regurgitation.

The animated cartoon production company remained was affiliate URL Osono on the summary site of two channels it, used from year-end to the new year, sold DVD was introduced in, and the doubt so-called "Stema" the calositas lifted.
"Miss of the person in charge" and the clarification lingua see the production company with "The clarification is not attached only by it" etc. and suspicious eyes in the net.
It was, too and "Stema" came in 1st place very much in the zoom word of the Gugl retrieval on January 4.

- By word of mouth of the net and the confidence to blog information weaken.

There is "Suspected prearranged performances" on the net up to now in no small way. regurgitation..understand..reader..provide..hemihedry..know..reader..provide..consequential..prearranged performances..see.Plural talents almost open the merchandise that a certain talent introduced to the public all together in similar sentences, and recently, Tsittar became a topic, and exposes becoming of the publicity that uses the method of "Stema" active, the mutter of the celebrity who has the follower of the multitude of the key word, and obtaining consideration.

Confidence from such a thing to information in word of mouth information and the blog such as SNS weakens, and the stock price of the online company seems also to reflect it. 231,500 yen and 8.9% downfall lingua of the stock price of a cyber agent who manages "Amiba blog" of 7300 proportion depreciation in yen the day before on January 11 on January 4 though 254,100 yen. Downfall Shite and 11 were 2282 yen of 117 proportion depreciation in yen the day before for GREE that managed the entertainer blog by carrying and online the game brand and as much as 13.8% from 2648 yen on the 4th. It closed for 1899 yen of 128 proportion depreciation in yen of a year's new low ..log.. the day before on the 11th ..DeNA of "Mobaga"... It declines by as much as 17.1% compared with the fourth.

It lowers to 205,000 yen of 8100 proportion depreciation in yen the day before, and as much as 11.3% is a downfall lingua in Mixi of the SNS major on the 11th compared with the fourth.

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The phenomenon of "Undersubscription" was caused ..introduction coming.. for the first time because it ..Bank of Japan.. bought it the national treasury short-term instrument with the fund of the implementation lingua assets purchase etc. on the 20th.
It is because the formation of price is misinterpreted by bulling the market a European crisis, and the government bond that can be brought in to the fund decreases.
The possibility of coming the purchase time limit at year-end without being filled in the limit amount what is more has come out from the Bank of Japan fund into which getting rid of from the deflation is introduced by the glare fanfare.

Whenever an additional relaxation is decided after the inclusive mitigation policy is introduced of October, 2010, Bank of Japan increases the purchase aggregate amount.
The treasury bill of present purchase upper limit 55 trillion yen is about 4.5 trillion yen.
The proposal from the financial institution remained in 32.3 billion yen in this operation, and it fell into the situation of the undersubscription that did not reach the notice forehead of Bank of Japan though the balance was stacked by open market operations of every day (operation).

Overseas money flows in the backdrop by a security-conscious becoming strong according to a European crisis, and the investment return of the national treasury short-term instrument of the thing for the thing for the thing for two months and three months and six months etc. has decreased rapidly.

Ministry of Finance decreases, and the national treasury short-term instrument of the thing months of two of the implementation lingua of the 20th is 0.0975% or less the successful bid investment return, and decreases the average to 0.0956%.
The average successful bid investment return traces 0.0994% and 0.1% to be purchased with 18 sunset note, and for Naochika, it interrupts across the board, and the government bond that can be brought in to the operation has traced the decreasing tendency to the thing surely for three months chiefly dealt with in the call loan market.

There are at present a lot of dispassionate reactions in the marketplace , saying that "The undersubscription of the treasury bill operation is in assumption" (synthesis director of Kin Shin Yu of Planning Division of the Central short-term loan).
However, it is likely to fall into the situation that the commitment to the policy is made a ruin if the overheat feeling of the treasury bill marketplace is not cooled because of the prolongment of a European crisis etc. , and it develops into the situation to which the note frequently cracks.

The purchase balance of the treasury bill reached 2,682,500,000,000 yen by Setokiten according to Bank of Japan last December.
However, if the treasury bill that has been purchased so far faces the redemption
There is a trial with "About 850 billion yen and as much as one trillion yen do not seem to be good at maintenance at the end of May" (Tokyo Short Term Fund), too.

The Hisashi Terada researcher of the short east research
It speaks with "It might be difficult to be going to stack 4.5 trillion yen by year-end with the interest rate plastic distorted".
There is a voice with "The review of the purchase scheme is separately urged on the economic effect" (foreign bank), too.

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